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I enjoy teaching guitar students of all levels and ages.
I find it gratifying to help beginners discover that with even a little bit of practice they can play some pretty cool stuff. As students gradually become comfortable with the guitar 
I help them learn to play music that inspired them to take up the guitar in the first place. And by teaching traditional music reading, as well as tablature, students gain an understanding of how various styles of music work, making it much easier to explore and learn new things.

A typical lesson might involve note-reading, tablature -- an easy graphical approach -- and improvisation. Each person has a unique learning style, and private lessons make it possible for   students to learn using an approach that works best for them.
Teaching Locations
B. A. Music, U C Berkeley 
I play and teach all types of guitar. Hear me play:
Rock, Blues,  Jazz-Rock  
(all improvised),  Spanish Classical Guitar,  J.S.Bach.
Currently, all lessons are on line. I will be going back to in person lessons soon!
Learning to play the guitar should be fun
and gratifying

30 Years of Teaching Guitar -- Published Transcriber -- Experienced Performer
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